28 years’ experience


  • Laser speed detection system
  • Onboard real time automatic multi-lane license plate recognition
  • Real time transfer of violation data to back office via 3G or 4G
  • Remote control via smartphone
  • Wireless on-site ticket printing
  • Touch-screen operation


  • Fully automatic system operation
  • Capturing photo and video evidence for traffic violations
  • Neural network license plate recognition technology
  • Real time evidence data transfer
  • Detective search operations using the internal database


  • Speed measurements and neural network-based ANPR on 2 to 6 lanes, photo capturing of all vehicles in controlled area.
  • Two-way traffic operation for both incoming and outgoing directions.
  • Automatic vehicle classification with automatic speed limit assignment depending on vehicle class.
  • Detection of vehicles driving on wrong side of road, roadside, reserved bus lane and other traffic violations.
  • Real time transfer of violation data to back office using the wired or wireless channels.


  • ANPR and photo capturing of all passing vehicles
  • Automatic vehicle classification
  • High resolution video surveillance
  • Valuable data source for detective-search activities
  • Data transmission for statistical analysis of traffic flow intensity

More than 8000

photoradars installed

More than 28

years of experience

More than 100

regional representatives


Company SIMICON is leading Russian company which uses up-to-date technologies, solutions and developing the most advanced products for traffic safety.

Since foundation in 1991, the company offered many effective innovations for traffic control and speed enforcement. Having 28 years of experience in research, development and expansion, SIMICON is now a professional company of more than hundreds of scientists and engineers, united and inspired by road-safety concept. Our technical support team is highly professional and customer oriented. We are happy to offer our innovative ideas, which allow you to meet the present-day challenges in the best way.

Now, we have representative office in ASIA to render a closer support and service to our clients in this region.

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